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Why You Need to Be in the SPC Game

We have all heard so many different abbreviations for click cores over the last 5 years like WPC, Rigid Core, Extruded Thermal Plastic Core, Vinyl Composite Core, and probably more. It can be very confusing to say the least.

The SPC Difference
When SPC (Stone Polymer Core) was first introduced, I noticed something extremely unique about it that I had never seen before in any other click core product. They have warrantied the new SPC product with a large temperature range rather than a consistently-controlled environment. Applications can now endure cold temps all the way down to negative 40 degrees and up to a sweltering 150 degrees. That’s a BIG difference from the previous recommendation to stay between 55 and 85 degrees!

Who Needs a Temperature Range That Wide?
This blew me away. I thought to myself, “Who doesn’t have a controlled environment? Why would -10 degrees or colder even matter?” Then it hit me. Not every home or building is used year round. COIN02 My territory alone is chock full of vacation homes, cabins, seasonal rentals and more! I knew this was too good of an option to pass up so I started helping my customers capture that business. 

The Result
In a short amount of time, this product became the strategic go-to solution for many of our partners. SPC offers superior dimensional stability, is less susceptible to indentations and gouging and boasts a warranty in a much larger range of applications. The product is also going to attract a larger consumer audience because it solves the uncontrolled temperature issue that can cause similar products to fail. 

If you haven’t introduced the SPC difference to your customers, ask your Territory Manager to see our very attractive lineup of SPC options, including lines produced by Karndean, Congoleum, Johnson Hardwood and Legacy Floors.

– Trevor Parvinen