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Confirming Your Shipments

By Trent McDowell
Territory Manager

There is no doubt you have been affected by the pandemic in one form or another. Higher prices, troubled labor market, lack of infrastructures and truck drivers, and increased freight charges. All of this has everyone on edge and impatient with issues. Undoubtedly, the issues have compounded.
With that being said, here are some things that can help us all to ensure a more smooth order from beginning to installation:
1. The best way to place an order is through email so everything is in a digital and clear format. You can always email your orders to Our Customer Support Reps will respond to your email to ensure they received it and will ask any questions they may have about your order. All responses are recorded in a digital format between Tri-State and yourself.
When placing an order, tell us the square feet you need and the carton quantity. Sometimes information is missed in proper carton sizes and can affect the completion of your project when incorrect. In your order, always provide a side mark for your own information. Take note from our confirmations and order numbers for future references. Ask for an ETA, and understand that these can change. Things are out of our control, so it’s always an estimate
2. Look over your confirmations to ensure accuracy of the product SKU, quantity needed and also that the correct price is there. We have some of the best Customer Support Reps in the business; however, no one is perfect. Not even me! 
3. Once the product is on the way, maximize your shipments. Remember, we have a drop ship. Put as much on an order as you can to maximize profit from your orders. We work with our customers all the time to combine orders where we can, but only you know when you are going to place orders.
4. Once the product arrives, please note any issues before the delivery driver leaves. Once you sign your name on the line, you are accepting any issues from there on. Verify that the quantity is correct, boxes or rolls are noted if damaged, and make sure the entire order is there. In many cases, there are a lot of hands that touch the load before you receive it. Although everyone is in a hurry these days, I implore you to take your time when receiving freight. Thousands of dollars may depend on you catching something that isn’t there before you sign off. If you are missing 500 sq.ft. and sign on the received line, we don’t have a leg to stand on to question this. 
5. Properly store products according to its instructions, especially sundry products. Acclimate all products regardless of what it says on the box. I promise less issues upon install.