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Why Buy Local?

Today’s consumer has multiple options when buying floor covering locally, online, and in box stores. So, why should one choose locally?

Here’s Why:

Unparalleled Customer Service and Expertise. Unlike large box stores or online services, local flooring stores have a vested interest in ensuring their complete satisfaction. Local stores would rather have a customer for life than a customer for a day.  A professional flooring salesperson will ensure the consumer is buying the right floor for the right application. MOBU01 They will ask questions such as, do you have pets; will the house be heated all year and if not, what floor will be best suited for that application. Local retailers offer to come out and measure, while most box store won’t, and online services just can’t. There is no replacement for expertise, your local flooring professional will be able to give you the level of service that the internet or box store just can’t offer, for example what trim piece is needed between carpet and hard surface or do I need a new subfloor for this installation. 
Established Reputation. Chances are the consumer has heard your name in the community and will be able to find someone that has had work done by your business unlike most no name internet suppliers.  
Quality Assurance. There is no way a consumer can accurately determine the true color or quality of the product. Many carpets come in various weights, in fact, the good, better or best product offering is one of the staples of the floor covering industry. When buying from an unknown internet provider, who is to say that the quality provided will match the quality that was ordered?
Shipping Costs. In the case of internet shopping, most material will ship common carrier, which will require the receiving party to offload the material from the back of the truck. If the consumer doesn’t have the proper equipment to offload the product, they can accrue additional charges. In the case of carpet or other heavy pallets, it’s not always possible the consumer will receive the material without having to make other arrangements. Let’s not forget weight restrictions on residential streets; this could add additional costs as well.  
Return Policy. It’s easy to claim you have a return policy, but who knows if you’ll be able to reach a customer service person with questions or perhaps make a claim for damaged or broken material.  
Warranty. When shopping online, will your material have a full manufacturer’s warranty? In some cases, no, and if it does, who will help consumers file a claim?  
By educating customers of all the unknowns, there will be no reason for them to shop anywhere else. 
– Dean Schneider