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Tips for Setting Up Your Showroom to Impress Customers and Increase Sales

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our 2018 Winter Market! We hope you were able to leave with some great ideas on new product and are looking forward to adding some new displays to your showroom.
When adding new displays, it would be great to consider the following tips when rearranging and setting up your showroom in order to give your customers the best experience possible.
Shoppers enter a showroom because they want to experience products in person. While online resources provide product details such as colors, sizes, and specifications, the listings can’t give shoppers the feeling of experiencing a product in person. For that, they need to visit a showroom.
As a retailer, your showroom gives customers physical access to your products. You need to shine the best light on your products (sometimes literally). And, you need to create a shopping experience that can turn casual shoppers into paying customers.
  1. Take Customers Through a Journey: Guide your customers through your space. Organize your products into sections. Put similar flooring products in the same area and place most popular products in front and then place related products next. Try to have your check-out counter towards the back of your store so the customer has the opportunity to see everything you want them to see before they leave.
  2. Allow Customers to Fully Experience Products: Add product demos, install sections of flooring so that people can see how they wear and set up room scenes so they can get a feel for the product in their space.
  3. Make it Easy for Customers to Purchase Products Throughout the Showroom: Make sure pricing is visible and consider supplying paper and pencils for them to take notes on certain products they like as they shop. Make sure your customer service team is available and knowledgeable when they are needed.
  4. Cater to Impulse Buys and Upsell Opportunities: Consider offering other products in your showroom that are easy to upsell like cleaning products or other things that might benefit your customer when they get home.
  5. Create Focal Points: Set up eye-catching displays in your showroom to attract your customers to popular product or new product in which you would like to increase sales.
  6. Use Window Displays as a Sneak Peak: Make sure you consider what your products look like from outside your showroom as well. If the back of your display is what you see, you may consider turning your display to face the window or cover the back with attractive graphical signage. You could also add window graphics to your store front to hide any unattractive display backs.
  7. Create a Warm Atmosphere: Make your showroom comfortable, welcoming and inviting by adding soft music and warm lighting. Consider offering beverages, snacks and a place to sit.
  8. Give Your Customers a Reason to Visit: Host open houses, sales or special events to get people in the door. Remember to make it inviting and not all about sales. Offer free values like seminars or product launches to get them engaged.
  9. Collect Customer’s Contact Information: Make sure you collect information from your customers so you can keep them informed on upcoming events, sales and discounts.
Your showroom is your opportunity to make a real life connection with your customers and turn interested shoppers in buyers. So make sure you are using these tips for setting up your showroom and creating a space that gives customers the ability to make educated, in-person purchasing decisions.
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By Sara Zacharias-Bentele