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Tips for Selling High-End Products

It’s in most people’s nature to want good things. Who doesn’t want the best? Whether it’s waking up every day and having the mindset of doing your best or looking for the best apples in the produce department, it’s normal for people to gravitate towards the best.
I believe it’s no different when it comes to flooring that people are choosing for their homes. What can you do to sell better products in your store? I’ve thought about ways that I shop for different products and how I, many times, end up gravitating towards high-end products. I’m not a marketing guru, but I have talked about this subject quite a bit with different customers and here are some ideas you might consider trying.
  • Let the customer shop! When a customer comes into your store, they’re usually on some type of a mission. Whether they’re looking for new flooring for a bathroom, kitchen or living area, most consumers have some idea of what they might want. Try telling the customer, “Please look around and find some things that catch your eye.” Not always, but many times, your customer will choose some of the nicer products in your store. COPP01 This will get you to a spot where if the products they chose are on the higher end and it doesn’t fit their budget, you can easily move them down into a less expensive product. If they’re a little flexible on what they might spend, they may want to see the lower-priced products, but often return back to the original choice they had already fallen in love with.
  • Bring them to the best! Maybe directing a customer to a brand or display is more your style. Make sure to start with your high-end products. It’s much easier to move them over to lower-priced products than it is to go the other way around.
  • Make no assumptions! It’s hard to know what someone might want to spend. It’s best to have the mindset that everyone that walks through your door will spend whatever needed to get the flooring they’d like. Even those with builder allowances or stricter budgets may spend more than they thought they would. Let the products speak for themselves!
  • Sell with confidence! High-end products often have less issues. The adage generally holds true, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!” The older I get, the more I realize that to be true. With fewer issues come happier, more satisfied customers, which will improve your chances for future referrals and repeat customers.
Remember, no matter what you sell, our team at Tri-State Flooring is honored to help with any product we supply. We will continue to work hard to find you high-quality products at all price points to help you serve your customers in the best possible way.

– Craig Gaspar