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The Can-Do Attitude

What makes our attitude so essential for selling? We all have a choice on how we behave. We can choose self-encouragement and motivation or a self-defeating behavior. We’ve all had those tough days where nothing seems to go right, but it’s not what happened in our day, it’s the way we react to those difficult situations that will bring success in the future. Here are some tips that may help you with your confidence and attitude toward selling:

Set goals for yourself. A goal may be to sell to the first 3 customers that day or maybe its setting a dollar amount of sales by the end of a day or maybe it is learning a new product. Goals can be whatever it may be to grow as a salesperson and/or team member. Setting goals will motivate you and boost your confidence and in return, reflect a positive attitude.

Take pride in your talents and skills. Your talents and skills didn’t develop overnight. Think back to your first day selling. It may have seemed overwhelming, but with time, training and experience, the success becomes more frequent and your confidence level grows.

Believe. Believe in what you sell. It’s difficult to have success if you don’t believe in the product you are selling. Build your confidence with product knowledge, training and research. There are many resources available for learning. Such resources may be your product sales representative, the internet, YouTube or co-workers.

Turning a negative into a positive. Customer surveys can be a great tool for understanding what we do well, but more importantly helps us improve on areas we fall short. We know that when a customer has a bad experience, they tell others. Therefore, it’s crucial we quickly turn those negatives into positives. Approach your customer with a positive and enthusiastic attitude that will bring the customer back time and time again. A customer that has a positive experience will share with others, which will develop into additional business.

Share. Share wins with your colleagues or sales team. Discussing wins shows others that success is not only possible but is very rewarding. Today, it’s easier than ever to share wins. Relay those successes at a meeting, send your team an email, a text, or post on your company website. The excitement in expressing your wins will bring a positive and infectious attitude. Always share your knowledge and experiences with your team. The bottom line is, our attitude is just a way of thinking and it might be the only thing we can determine 100% of the time. Ultimately you decide the outlook that you live with regardless of the situation. Perfect your attitude, then use it to achieve your goals. There are a lot of things we can’t control, but your attitude and confidence is up to you. Make it the best it can be.


Dean Schneider