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Product Knowledge and Installation Seminars

I was told when I first started my career in the flooring industry that the day you quit wanting to learn something new, you should get out. Others in this industry told me you should look to learn something new every day. I strive to do this by listening to other salespeople, owners and installers. I also believe that installation seminars are not only for installers. They should include your entire sales team. I have never understood how you can sell any flooring product without knowing how it goes on the floor.

So what’s with all the ranting you might ask? I feel strongly that we should do what we can to learn as much as we can in this business. There have been so many changes and new products in the flooring industry over the last few years that if we don’t keep up; we will not be able to sell our customers the right product for their situation. With all of the floating products now available, between click LVT, WPC and Loose Lay products, to knowing the difference between AirStep and fiberglass products, it is important to have all the knowledge we can get to create a quality installation. Those of you industry veterans also know that “rules” change. Manufacturers learn from experiences and sometimes change the installation rules to eliminate unforeseen challenges. The only way to learn this is to continue to attend seminars and product knowledge meetings. That’s where we come in; your TSF Territory Manager is always available to put on product knowledge training for your sales team and even your installers.

I have been involved in a number of installation seminars and in-store product knowledge meetings which have been very informative and helpful to both sales staff and installers. We will do our best to arrange in-store product knowledge meetings when needed, to go over products and installation information.

We all need to work together to keep everybody as educated about our industry as possible. The more we know, the less chance we have for claims and over-selling products. We organize these seminars and product knowledge meetings for you with the anticipation of good attendance as it takes a lot of time, effort and expense to set these up. Please take the time to talk to your Territory Manager and set up your in-store product knowledge meetings.

If you are interested in a particular category of training please send your suggestions and comments to our email address at