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Make the Most of Your Opportunities!

It’s really all in how you look at it. We’ve been given the chance to slow down, reevaluate, and reset our lives. Although the coronavirus has taken its toll on us all, we can choose to use this time to finish some projects that have been “put off until later”, clean out storerooms, reorganize inventory and just spend some good quality time with our families. Often our busy lives put us in the position to delay the little things, or even the important things. With this “extra time” we’ve been given, we tie up some loose ends and look towards the future.

Before you know it, this pandemic will be a distant memory. But for now, I’d like to share a post I found on LinkedIn to help you through this struggle.

We are all part of a larger ecosystem where “survival of the fittest” is REAL and particularly relevant now, under our current state of affairs.

While one person is out of a job head down on the couch, another person has already gotten an interim position with Amazon to stay afloat.

While one owner is watching their business dissipate and depending on a bailout, another business owner is getting innovative and diversifying their offerings and/or creating a whole new division under demand.

While one person that no longer has access to a warm gym is sleeping through their previous, dedicated exercise hours, another person is adapting and running in the dark, cold hours of the morning.

While one person is using the time off or “work from home” hours to sleep in and watch tv, another person is using the time to learn more, create more.

While one person is content to fight this pandemic by “social distancing,” someone else is using every resource they have to help those most vulnerable.

In a time where everything feels out of control, we ALL have control over our decisions, actions, lives within the current circumstances.

I know that most of us would have preferred to not have this interruption in our lives. We would rather be going about our daily routines as usual, but do you ever find yourself rushing through life, chasing the dream, and trying to keep your head above water? Take this opportunity to slow down and enjoy the ride!
Tips to Stay Open and Stay Productive
  1. Call businesses who expressed interest in new flooring and encourage them to schedule their install while their office is closed.
  2. Experiment with Karndean’s virtual reality tool, Floorstyle Floor Designer. Send it to your customers so they can see what their rooms will look like when the product is installed.
  3. Try some online promotions to stay engaged with customers while they’re stuck at home. 
  4. Go through inventory and do some cleaning; out with the old, in with the new! 


– Craig Gaspar