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How Flooring Companies Get Leads from Social Media

Many companies undervalue the influence that social media can have on sales.

Make sure your company has a good presence on a variety of social media platforms so that you can keep in constant contact with your customers and add value to their lifestyles. More and more consumers are making the switch from word-of-mouth recommendations and print advertising to depending on the ease of Internet searches and online reviews when searching for the perfect flooring company for them.

Some great platforms to consider for your retail store are Facebook, where you can develop relationships with your customers, LinkedIn, where you can connect with other businesses, Instagram, where you can share photos of new inventory and highlight popular products, and Pinterest, where you can give customers decorating ideas and tips and show them how to incorporate flooring with their decor in unique ways.

As a business, you will find that the way you use social media is different than when you use it for personal use. You want to make sure you put a strategy in place, schedule out posts and track the results. Social media is a way to generate leads on a more personal level with your customers by sharing videos, pictures, updated product, start conversations, invite them to join you for events, provide special offers and ultimately, get them to interact with your page enough that they think of your company when they have a flooring need.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when running your social media campaigns.

  1. If you have a social media account, what can you do to increase the amount of your followers? One way is by posting quality content. Do your best to provide your followers with content that is relevant to your company and your customers.
  2. Another way to gain more followers is by adding a “follow” or “like us” button both on your website and on your email signature. With each website visit and email sent, you have the opportunity to gain followers.
  3. Consider doing Facebook paid advertising. You can use their built-in advertising tool to create ads, target your ideal customer and extend your reach.
  4. Now that your following is strong, you need to make yourself easy to contact. Include contact information in content portion of your ads, add a Contact Us button to the top of your business page and be available to respond to messages posted to your page and in the Private Messenger.
  5. Ask your customers to review you on social media. Be sure to respond to their reviews with gratitude if they are positive. At some point, you may receive a negative review. Do your best to respond in a positive, apologetic way and let them know you will do whatever you can to make it right. Potential customers are reading these reviews and how you respond to negative reviews is just as important as receiving positive reviews.
  6. Lastly, be timely. Don’t let your page sit stale for long periods of time, respond to messages quickly and show your potential customers that you are excited to do business with them.

Social media is a perfect way for flooring companies to increase their reach, leads and sales. To get the most out of it you have to constantly be adding informative posts with relevant information and stay in contact with the followers. And remember to share posts from our Tri-State Wholesale Flooring business page to your page for even more interaction.