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Flooring: A Commodity or Something Valuable?

Is it possible that flooring is becoming a commodity? Consumers are shopping online, comparing the lowest prices, before they even walk in your door. With smartphones, they can look to see if your product is, in fact, cheaper somewhere else within minutes. What is the value of what you have to offer? What’s in it for me, the consumer? 
Here are a few things that will help your customer realize your value:
Customer Service – Help guide your customer as to why flooring is a major role in the beauty and function of a home. Help them find a floor that meets their lifestyle and personal style. Make sure your customer understands how a floor can transform a room and even change the way they feel. MOFL03 Use your relationships with installers as a selling point to those that are not do-it-yourselfers. This is a valid way to prove the value in the purchase and shows that experts can provide a successful installation.
Brand Power – Retailers should use brands that distinguish quality to help support the sense of trust and confidence in what you are bringing to the table. Brand names help bring people in the door. Power brands provide performance to meet the family’s needs, but they are stylish enough to show off!
Style – Clarify the value story. Show them how realistic looks differ over the price point. How will products stand up to the consumer’s everyday lifestyle? What about the thickness, softness, or the beveled edges? People want style and quality in their home. They will not sacrifice for a cheaper product when it comes to their home.
A good value proposition does not mean cheap. It means offering your customers a quality product at an attractive price. Successful retailers are able to capture sales by offering products that have a good combination of style and value.


– Kirk Lowman