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Display Stands: Not ONLY to Fill Space

Have you ever walked into a retail store and were shocked to find it was nearly empty? Well, if you have, they were probably changing out inventory or going out of business. As a consumer, when you enter a store, you expect to see a full variety of products to choose from and sample. If there are no displays, the space can feel uninviting and make you unsure if they even carry the product you want. 
The majority of consumers today do at least a little research online before they venture out to buy. When it comes to flooring, it’s much easier to make a final decision when you have a chance to see it and touch it. What looks good online may not be the best choice in person. This brings us to the importance of using display stands in your store, even if the customer already thinks they know what they want. Customers who pre-planned will ask to be directed to the style they’re interested in. As you take them to the sample, they will be surrounded by hundreds of other options. As a knowledgeable salesperson, your first instinct would be to get an idea of who they are, what they want and what they really need. Use this opportunity to show them other products that may fit their needs as well, or better than their initial choice. Displays can make all the difference. 
Now if you have displays, you’re off to a great start. But, make sure you don’t let your them sit and simply collect dust. They are already there taking up space, so they might as well do some work for you! Consider them part of your “sales toolkit” and always keep them updated. 
Here Are 8 Reasons Why Display Stands Should Be In Your Strategy:
1. Displays GENERATE TALK. If a product catches their eye, the customer is sure to ask for more information.
2. Displays INCREASE BRAND RECOGNITION. Customers love to see their favorite products on display, and if you carry them, they are sure to be back. 
3. Displays HELP ESTABLISH RAPPORT. In sales, you can describe a product until you’re blue in the face, but nothing earns trust like backing up your suggestions with samples they can feel and see. Seeing is believing, so add some credibility to the brands you carry. 
4. Displays INTRODUCE PRODUCTS. First impressions mean a lot to potential customers. Make sure your displays are attractive and inviting when your customer is getting their first look.
5. Displays help you BEAT THE COMPETITION. Make sure your top-sellers are front and center, easy to see, move around and touch. LOCU01 If your competitors haven’t taken the time to feature their products in a clear way, they are potentially missing out on sales, too. 
6. EASIER ACCESS MEANS AN EASIER SALE. If your customer can’t find the product, they are probably not going to buy it. Also, if your sales team isn’t seeing the product every day, they may struggle to remember everything during a sale. 
7. Properly placed displays ENSURES VISIBILITY. If you have favorite products that earn you a good profit and are easy to sell because they fit the majority of your customers’ needs, feature them! Those product displays need to be right in front so customers don’t miss them.
8. Displays can keep your business TOP-OF-MIND. If shopping in your store is easy, relaxing, full of quality options and has non-invasive, helpful sales people, customers are sure to return for their next project. 
If you give all of your customers a great experience, they will return, tell their friends and ultimately, make you more money! If you’re not pleased with the displays in your store, be sure to visit the Products page on to see what we have available or talk to your Territory Manager. Let us help you put your BEST foot forward.
– Kirk Lowman