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With our ready-available customer service, solid support, and individualized design, we have every area covered from the ground up. Our relationship-focused service is built on a firm foundation of a strong family that has your back. We’re bringing you home. Find your style, find your solution, find your footing, and find your family.

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Looking for flooring marketing tips? You’re in luck! Our TSF flooring experts, AKA your Territory Managers, share tips every month to help you succeed in your business.

Featured Product Spotlight

CLEO is a new type of flooring experience—and a new way to think about the materials you install in your home. CLEO was founded on the premise that floors can be as beautiful and high-quality as they are sustainable. Using only the best materials and latest designs, their extensive team of talented designers, color and trend experts, artists, and engineers are constantly fusing emerging trends into new concepts to bring a more personal touch to the place you call home.

Our Mission.

Tri-State Flooring provides superior service and responsive flooring solutions to its partners.

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Customer Service  •  Quality and Expertise  •  Respect  •  Professional Ethics and Integrity  •  Team Effort

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