Phone: 605.336.3080Toll-Free: 800.353.3080

Max Toenah
Material Handler

Employee Since

March 2022 


Phone: 605.336.3080
Toll-Free: 800.353.3080

City I Grew Up In
Sioux Falls
Favorite Hobby
Anything active
Favorite Food
Who is in your family?
My mom, dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Favorite Snack or Candy
Butterfingers and oreos
When I was little I wanted to be a . . .
NFL Player
Favorite Part About My Job
I am most proud of . . .
Being a good role model to my younger siblings.
Something People Don't Know
I tied my high school 100m dash school record.
What would most people be shocked to know you do really well?
Long jump
Favorite Color: 
What values did you grow up with that are still important to you today? 
The Golden Rule