Phone: 605.336.3080Toll-Free: 800.353.3080

Liz Grant
Customer Support Supervisor

Employee Since

December 2021 


Phone: 605.336.3080
Toll-Free: 800.353.3080

City I Grew Up In
The enormous city of Cherokee, Iowa.
Favorite Hobby
I live out on an acreage, so I like watching my husband garden and I enjoy taking my dogs for long walks.
Favorite Food
Anything sweet.
One Snack I Couldn't Live Without
I do love a good fountain coke.
Favorite Snack or Candy
Again, anything sweet.
When I was little I wanted to be a . . .
I could never decide on what really sounded fun.
Favorite Part About My Job
Oh, the crew that I work with, they are just the best group of people.
I am most proud of . . .
My kids and grandchildren. They are such good people..
Something People Don't Know
I am an open book, so not many secrets here.
What would most people be shocked to know you do really well?
I bake really well, which plays into my favorite snacks.
Favorite Color: I like every color; I can never make up my mind about what color to use or wear. I generally gravitate to black and grey.