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The Legacy Floors Soft Surface collection features a wide variety of hard surface options that are sure to fit any environment. These premium styles were carefully selected to ensure durability, longevity and fashion that will surely impress. Find a great mix of colors and styles that will fit in any room. Our promise to ensure updated style and design to meet all of your store’s needs. Plus you will never see our brand in any box store to ensure our products can’t be shopped or sourced online. We believe in our product, we believe in our partnerships, and we believe in our customers. We believe in Legacy. Legacy Floors. Ready for Anything. 

Soft Surface Product Lines

Legacy Soft Surface

Beautiful design and style with multiple nylons, yarn types, colors and weights. There is something for every home carpet project in our residential display. We also stock a wide variety of carpets for a quick install need.

NEW! This brand new carpet display is filled with all waterproof carpet. Pets, kids, and life leave a lot to clean up. The revolutionary backing will make sure anything that might accidentally land on your carpet will stay above the surface and not seep into the carpet pad and underlayment below. This is carpet for your real life!

This entire display offers you a carpet that has it all. Unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance and long-lasting durability. All carpets offer a lifetime, built-in stain protection.