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Innovation is our attitude and driving force.

Like the sun, soil, and water have driven the cork tree to spread its branches as high and in the most diversified ways possible, we too feed on ideas. We feed on ideas, to thrive on innovation. That’s how we always find something new to do with cork.

The cork not incorporated into the stopper industry represents the ideal raw material for the creation of products tailored to the needs of different industries: construction, home and office decoration, as well as design and functional objects, and the development of materials for hi-tech industries, such as the automobile, aeronautical, and aerospace industrial sectors. 

For us, the importance of the responsibility of contributing today for the future is an essential objective. Thus, we incorporate various raw materials into our products which aim to innovatively respond to competitive market demands, as well as create advances and cutting edge procedures which grant the final consumer with unique products.

We fully assume our commitment to sustainability through an internal program that seeks to align all ACC members of staff around the strategic objectives enabling us to maintain the greatest respect for the environment through products designed in accordance with the most demanding of applications and markets.

We know our industry is based on a sustainable cycle: protecting nature’s balance so that we never run out of the raw material, so we can keep on protecting nature’s balance.

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