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Creating Customer Loyalty

As we all deal with the competition of box stores, online shoppers and more educated consumers, it is extremely important that we all focus on how to develop loyal customers. How can we develop our clients to ensure they will come back the next time or refer us to their friends or neighbors?

Here Are Some Tips that Can Help.
  1. The Initial Visit – From the very first time a customer walks through the door in search of flooring, treat them like family. Introducing yourself and learn their name. Ask them about their needs and then as you show them around, call them by their first name. (This sounds really simple, but it does go a long way in making them feel comfortable.)
  2. Knowledge Is Power – As you learn what the customer’s needs are, show them the options that would be the best fit for their application and design scheme. They will worry less about price at this point because they appreciate your knowledge of the products, service, and expertise. Rest assured, they will not get this type of knowledge and service from the box stores. This will definitely put you in a much stronger position to close the deal.
  3. Thank You – After you have closed the sale and delivered the products to your customer, send them a “Thank You” letter in the mail or a “Thank You” email. As we all know, customers who have great experiences will tell all their friends. The next time someone asks them about flooring, they’ll be sure to share their great experience with you.
  4. Guess Who’s Back – It’s only a matter of time–clients you helped in the past will return because of the experience and success they had on their last project. Think of it like this–we all have a select few restaurants we frequent on Friday or Saturday nights for family time. We prefer them because of the consistent good service, food and overall experience. If we go there a lot, their employees might even know us by name. That makes us feel like part of family! Take time to get to know your customers on a personal level. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see how your efforts have gone full circle and that you have created a “loyal customer”.

If we as business owners, sales professionals, designers, and installation crews roll out the red carpet to the consumers every time, I believe that you will notice a difference. Remember, they won’t get this type of service buying online or in the box stores. Create an environment and customer experience that brings them back for more.

– Chandler Smith